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Based out of the frigid Northern lands of Alberta, Canada, Edge of Attack blends old-school Power and Thrash Metal with a modern edge, creating a sound unlike any other. By combining haunting vocals, shredding guitars, complex bass lines, and furious drumming, Edge of Attack has taken the metal scene by storm. They have already achieved some great milestones, including playing pre-shows for rock icons, KISS, and 90′s rockers, GodSmack. With the release of only 2 singles from their upcoming self-titled album, they have seen fan numbers skyrocket by the tens of thousands from around the world.


You walk so fake beside me
So close but yet so far
You know I see your problem
So why can't you
And now you walk behind me
You call yourself a friend
The stab in my back sets in
So I stab you

You walk alone inside your mind

Why has it come to this?
In my mind we last forever
Through the darkness and endless pain
I search for my soul to remain

Acts of your mass deception
Grow clearer in my head
You're just a faded memory
You're so confused
I hope you learned your lesson
Tail tucked between your legs
You know it's not my fault
You know the truth